Heaps of Sand EP

by Kevin Farge

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A swift breeze blows that shakes the flowers. Life goes on, and the wind blows the sand. Sparkling sand that shines in sunlight and the reflection of water. In this environment nothing stays the same. The wind blows the sand and tomorrow there will be new sand, new dunes. New curves and new light to shine upon them. One cannot hold on to much in this wind.

A turquoise wave can break on a sandbar, a heap of sand, drawn out by the curve of the Earth, its spin, and the weather it creates. It’s spiral. I dance upon the sand dune, lean upon this trail, I curve, I spiral, I seek new light and new shapes. New dances, new ways of being. In the sunlight I grow strong. Under waves of heat on the sand, and in long lines, I hold the story of time. These songs are stories, heaps of sand, thrown upon the shore and gathered for a short time to share.

A story of love lost and gained. Hopes and dreams that have come to be and do not die. Undying light, and the quest– through struggles– to become whole, one and good. To be free of all complexity. Just to live as one is. Some of these stories are sad stories, some are happy, some a mixture of both. But the striving ever continues.

These songs were inspired by my home, the Texas coast, and the curve of land between the borders of Texas and Mexico. 1 Long days spent looking for bats, walking in long straight lines in oven heat across gently sloping hills of grass, filled with many strange and wonderful creatures. 2 Waves of feeling and the pregnancy of moment and of emotion. 3 Shimmering waves of heat. 4 A great city, filled with millions of people, filling with water as the rain continues, for days, little boats floating. Some homes flooding, some staying above water. Streets running with brown and clear water, and a boat with its mariner floating out to sea as the rain continues to fill up the city. And the stars at night, oh! the stars! Bobbing on the deep as the wood of the boat creaks. The white rope shines luminous at night. 5 Dawn on the point of coast, where the white sand dunes go under water, and green turquoise waves, curling around the point, throw themselves in hollow walls in the pink dawn light. 6 A brave boy, walking the island, fading into white light, his feeling laid bare. 7 Last minute pauses, thoughts and reflections on leaving town, “Do I have everything? Where have I been? Who have I met? Who shall I meet down the road? What shall be on the road?” And new strength. And 8 verdant lush fields and forests that fade into the the future, shining in light. And for the people who love these things, we take this journey together.

Recorded in South Texas, July - November 2017


released January 28, 2018


all rights reserved



Kevin Farge Provincia de Guanacaste, Costa Rica

Far out songs from close to home. Kevin sings and plays the guitar, and birds play a few other things.

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